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It takes time for the body and mind to heal, especially after years of alcohol and drug abuse. But our center, New Hope Recovery, can help you heal and get back on your feet. Just call us at (949) 245-6826 and we will even verify if your insurance provider will cover all treatment.

New Hope Is A Light That Brings Forth A New Way Of Life.

Drug addiction and alcohol abuse affect nearly all aspects of a person’s life, which our team of experts at New Hope Recovery perfectly understand. Hence, we offer a multifaceted treatment programs that are tailored based on the treatment needs of each individual. The programs, through learnings, also aims to develop a person’s deeper understanding about addiction; while our center also offers therapeutic and medical treatments that are significant to a person’s complete and long-term recovery.

Release Negativity


Negative thoughts and feelings can be a trap that can pull you back to the old bad habits of alcohol and drugs. Learn how to release and let it go.

Release Negativity


One of the benefits at New Hope Recovery is to learn how to be more open about what you feel and think. Our counselors and residents will provide you a safe and healing environment.

Find Happiness


Work to achieve the results that you are dreaming of. Finding happiness is ending the cycle of alcohol and drug abuse.

Expect the Utmost Support From Real People.

We fully understand how you feel when you need support from other people since we experienced the same. With this, we are placing ourselves in your shoes, wherein we would provide you the utmost support like how we expected other people to treat us as well. More so, our team of experts who are directly providing support and help coupled with our unparalleled facilities make it easy for our alumni to become our best advertiser. Check our treatment services and Call us now!

My addiction was bad enough that my employment security looked dim and gloomy. I was sure to get fired. But instead of booting me out, my boss did the unexpected. He sent me to New Hope Recovery to seek treatment. And it is where I learned how to understand my situation and how to turn my life around. My stay at New Hope was the happiest, especially after my ten year old daughter told me that I no longer smell of alcohol.

Holly H.

New Hope Alumni 2015

Without any reason, I woke one morning with a moment of clarity. I entered the New Hope Recovery Program and immediately unloaded the weight of a life of shame and guilt. It felt like a bag full of bricks being removed off my back. New Hope changed my life. My heart feels very light these days without all those bricks to carry around.

Terry J.

New Hope Alumni 2014

After going on disability at work, my pain killer addiction got much worse. After a family intervention, I entered the New Hope Program. I learned not only how to share my experience but gained valuable information on how to treat my pain through exercise, mental practice and healthy living.

William T.

New Hope Alumni 2009

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